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Where is the Love?

Posted by Lovely Love on October 16, 2010 at 1:15 PM

They stand strong, they stand proud

Black fist in the air

These are the Black conscious brothas

So you better beware

United we stand

Divided we fall

And that hate in your heart

Has got me so appalled


You call me your sister

When you peep my lifestyle

Share words so sweet

You make my soul smile

But as soon as you find out

I’m all about unconditional love

Your true self emerges

As you place yourself above

All others who are different from you

Those who have hair of blonde

And eyes of blue

Those who eat flesh

Those who don’t read “conscious” books

Those who are made up

Or otherwise don’t have the natural look


I respect your view

Why can’t you respect mine?

Why can’t one be your friend

Just because they eat swine?

Why snap at your sister

Simply because she was out of line?

Simply because she has love for all

You walk out not leaving your love behind


Where is the love

When you said you liked my vibe?

Where is the love

When you thought our views walked side by side?

Where is the love

That was so sweet and serene?

Where is the love

When you said I was your Queen?



Please don’t call me your Queen

That is disrespect to who I am

A queen is a mere prisoner

Of this low vibrational land

Take the shackles off your mind

Your thoughts are keeping you in prison

So busy fighting each other

Then question why you haven’t risen

We are beings from far beyond

This three dimensional world

But your three dimensional mindset

Wants me to be your three dimensional girl?


Hold on playa!

My heart is reserved for the awakened

Now when I pass a conscious brother

I tell him “sorry bro… I’m already taken”

You’re quick to smudge my name

Because we’re on a different page

Then again you’re in a different book

All I see you in you is rage

You “peace Queened” me to pieces

Said I’m the one you think of

But when I don’t kiss your ass

You pull away all the love


Where is the love you had

When we talked on the phone until three

Where is the love you had

When I was just your fantasy

Where is the love you had

When you fancied me being your wife

Where is the love you had

When you wanted me to be a part of your life


I tell you I’m not sure if I could live up to your expectations

You use that as an opportunity to end all our relations

Boo, I didn’t link up with you

To be yet another baby mama

I thought you were mad cool

Didn’t know conscious dudes came with so much drama

You say you’re conscious

You’re more like semi-conscious, half-sleep

Your mind is so shallow

And all this time you thought you were being deep?


I’m so glad to have escaped this mess

I take off my fighting gloves

But to you my dear brother

I ask you, where is the love?


Whereis the love?

Whereis the love?

Whereis the love?


We are all spirits

Here to experience an experience

Take the shackles off your mind

And set yourself free

You claim to be above all others

If so my brother…

Rise above them all with love

As the highest vibration of all is love

You say you’re a god

But your heart is absent love

But thee God is love

Pure unconditional love

Hate, fear, anger… and love cannot co-exist

These emotions serve as a gauge

At how far away you are from the Creator

They also serve as your

Mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual prison

Cloaked with hate, we are trapped

In this three dimensional world

You have the wisdom to see the prison door

All you need to do is walk through it

Now I am handing you the key

It is love

Pure unconditional love


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Reply Lovely Love
12:19 PM on October 18, 2010 
ABB... for some reason I can't reply to you. However, thank you for your comment. If I'm ever disillusioned to thinking I am unloved, I know exactly where I can find it. ♥∞
Reply Lovely Love
12:14 PM on October 18, 2010 
eerie777 says...
Very well done sweet SiStar... your heart's blood flows thru your pen!

Thank you again eerie... you are so very kind. ♥∞
Reply AstralBooBaby
2:42 AM on October 17, 2010 
Simply beautiful lovely-love! I echo your poignant sentiment in this regard - where is the love? Thank you for sharing!

Immeasurable love,
Reply eerie777
10:49 PM on October 16, 2010 
Very well done sweet SiStar... your heart's blood flows thru your pen!