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Archangels and their duties

Posted by Marie <3 on October 24, 2014 at 8:55 PM Comments comments (0)
Archangels have certain duties and specific angels can help you in specific jobs. Here's a list of Archangels and what they can help with : ARCHANGEL MICHAEL is the one to call when you want protection around you or your family, an aura cleanse, strength when in battle with your own demons and guidance in spiritual growth. ARCHANGEL JEREMIEL is the life records angel and can help you review situations in the past, take you to your life records, help with past life regression, guide you towards healing past hurts and also help you cross over souls that come to you for help. ARCHANGEL METATRON is the angels to the children. He can protect your young ones. This includes your own inner child. Also he is fantastic at cord cutting (also makes a massive entrance and has a flair for the dramatics lol). He is once that will keep an eye in you too and warn you of anything that might upset the child within you. ARCHANGEL CHAMUEL is the lover of soulmates and is the one to turn to when you have difficulty in any relationship issue. If you ask him to bring you a soulmate he will. Don't say I didn't warn you! ARCHANGEL GABRIEL is literally the angel of the Throat Chakra. Anything to do with communication, call on Gabriel. Warning! He speaks super fast and his energy is that of a bouncy puppy (it's all fizzy and movement with him). Gabriel is good with helping you stand in your true power so is valuable for anyone who doesn't fare well about speaking their truth and being themselves. ARCHANGEL URIEL I have found to be the exact same as METATRON in my experience but according to law he is actually a lover of writing and nature. Helps your creative side. Call on him if you have a block in creativity. ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL is a powerful healer and will assist in reiki healing and/or use his own resources to heal you. Attracted to those who do healing work (whether physical, spiritual or otherwise). Also looks after the terminally sick. ARCHANGEL ARIEL is angel to those born under the sign of Leo. He gives strength and durability to those who want it. Call on him to help with issues concerning animals and yourself. This angel can help you connect with difficult animals. There's a good few more 'Archangels' out there but it's best if you explored for yourself. The information above is my opinion/experience not fact. Take what resonates and leave the rest behind. Also if you have any experiences with the angels, comment below as you may help someone who needs direction :)

The Ego

Posted by Sivan Remesh on October 21, 2014 at 8:00 AM Comments comments (0)

The nature of ego. The most slippery thing to catch hold of, almost like a wet snake and the most common thing in the world. The paradox about the ego is that, it exists yet it doesn't. It exists because of our identity to ourselves. People maybe spiritualistic ,materialistic ,religious or a christian, hindu, muslim and we prop ourselves for belonging to something.What it does that it gives more identity to ourselves .The identity maybe of that of the world or the 'other-world' but both are the same. Our so-called 'saints' are nothing other than a person with the ego of the 'other-world'. It is most common that our saints might have a repressed ego in themselves.

The real man without ego is neither egoistic nor humble. He/She is just simply themselves. Their identification with the body is lost such that they are neither a male or a female. This is what jesus meant when he said "to see the kindom of god, your two eyes must become one"(not the exact quote). He is simply saying that our inner polarities,divisions and finally our inner male and female should dissappear into each other that you are neither male or female and becomes simply a witnessing consciousness.

Now think about it, what is it the humbleness that our priest goes on teaching us. He is telling us to repress our thoughts about our false identity (with ourselves) with our body, religion, spirituality, money, name, educational qualifications.. So, that you will be treated in the other world with somany wonderful things. Do not fall into that trap. But be compassionate toward him, he has been unconsciously brainwashed by their teachers that have been brainwasshing themselves and others for years.

The ego exists not. The ego is simply a bundle of thought about our false identity. And thoughts are simply another version of the dreams that we see during sleep. It is when you wake up that you realize all these things were just a dream. So the middle way in going beyond the ego is to know that neither repressing nor expressing won't help in overcoming it. It is to know our true nature beyond our bodies(physical, astral, all other 'bodies').