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Updated; April 1, 2017

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Due to the fact that we are multi-dimensional Beings - there is and will always be a spiritual, metaphysical, emotional, psychological, ethereal and/or mental factor behind every dis-ease and in this installment, I will touch on but a few intangibles as such, that's aiding in high rates of heart dis-ease in women. #HeartDisease #Women

As stated in a previous video - based on my revelations; many UFO's are homegrown or native life forms that we have yet to understand who are what they are BUT make no mistake about it - there are also UFO's (star-ships, space-ships, flying saucers, etc.) that are being directed and driven by highly evolved and 'other-worldly' or 'other-dimensional' lifeforms! #Rabbithole

Wherever the head leads - the body will follow… So why would anyone want to follow a lead that is consumed with situations that blinds them from seeing a wide ledge that hovers over a bottomless pit? Many are being SHAKEN UP, so that they may WAKE UP, refocus and take another direction! #Revelations #Nature #Earth

Oldie but goodie but the message within is ever so relevant, given the rise in videos by those who claim to have the goods to discredit or 'expose' others with no evidence. #discernment #messenger #truth 


In this installment, I will be talking about a visit from an ancestor in the sphere-IT world and what I had learned from the interaction. • Provide a visual illustration of the very intricate organic and fluid nature of reality outside of the veil. I will also speak on how and why some are tricked, tempted and seduced into reincarnating by deceptive entities and much more! #Reincarnation #Pastlives #Storyteller



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