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Updated February 20, 2015


By:  ABB a.k.a. AstralBooBaby

Let’s face it, ‘diversity’ is not only the ‘spice of life’ but it is an immutable fact of life! I would dare to even state that ‘diversity’ is a healthy and balanced state of life…  Meaning , that this is something that we cannot nor will ever change but of course, we can ‘change’ our narrow or rigid outlook and perspective on this matter by way of ‘right-knowledge’ and experience! As we examine the most problematic of human conditions, we cannot deny that a scathing fact in this regard is lack of respect, consideration and compassion for one who ‘appears’ to be different from our basic construct of living and existence. This, my family and friends is directly connected to a lack of education of culture and even expressions that may challenge our ego and world-view of what we ‘perceive’ to be ‘normal’ or acceptable. It is for this reason that I use my platform to promote a broader dialog and narrative because I feel very strongly that inner-standing of one’s self is only half of the battle. Ultra-standing, one’s self in harmony and concert with ALL there is and will ever be is ‘key’ to a whole cosmic being; something that we are all striving to be. In this spirit, I dedicate this cycle to cultural ideologies, concepts, art, literature, contributions and then some!


Diversity provides a lesson for each of us to be okay with and open to those things that set us apart – race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, physical and mental ability, language (the list goes on) and understanding and accepting of people for who they are.

Being culturally aware provides an opportunity to stand back and consider that there are certain backgrounds, personal values, beliefs and upbringings that shape the things we all do. Something that is considered inappropriate behavior in one culture may be perfectly appropriate in another.

Learning about other cultures helps us relate to one another and be okay with different perspectives.

I saw this quote on a poster recently, and it’s stuck with me. “Diversity is the one true thing we have in common.” Now that’s something to embrace.

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It can be very easy to just stick with what you know and not try to meet people who are different to you. However, trying to understand cultural differences can open you up to a whole lot of new and exciting experiences.  Ways of understanding cultural difference Me, myself and I - Become self-aware by working out your own beliefs, values, and personal biases. In doing this you are able to think about how these personal traits might impact on your approach to understanding cultural difference.

Read up- Learning about different cultures can be a great way of developing an understanding of cultural diversity. Engage in a bit of research either online or through books and study some of the history and traditions of other cultures.

Talk about it – If you know someone who comes from a different cultural background to you, try and get to know them a bit better. You don’t necessarily have to ask them directly about their culture, but by getting to know them you’ll automatically find out more about their life and experiences.
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