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(Updated: April 19, 2014)


If you have never heard of mind-altering substances such as; DMT Dimethyltryptamine), Ayahuasca and Saliva Divinorum, you may well learn something about them in this theme cycle. The aforementioned plants/substances are well known for possessing properties or ‘gateways’ (if you will) that would allow one to gain access to the spiritual realms and alternate awareness! 

The very first time that I had ever heard of either substance was approximately four years ago. I had gotten the word from a self identified meta-physician, (whose name will remain anonymous). This individual had seen a Youtube video that I had done,  where I am talking about an ‘other-wordly’ experience and revelation gained by way of spontaneous astral projection.   The meta-physician had written me via Youtube and shared his own experience, which was identical to mine but he had achieved his altered state by way of DMT. This revelation peeked my interest a bit but not to the point of wanting to experiment with DMT, although he and others long after him have encouraged me to try it. 

As the years past on from my initial introduction to DMT, I was notified via email by more viewers, who had experiences with DMT and Salvia. They too resonated with my stories, revelations and experiences in this regard. They too, were forever changed by their experiences, just as I was by mine. Yes! Our modes and access to these alternate realms may not be identical but the similarities witnessed and gained from such experiences in contrast were and are consistent, compelling and cannot be denied. 

Interestingly enough, the tables had turned in this regard because approximately 2 years ago, I had come across a documentary about the sojourn and investigation of very well known British Journalist and Author; Graham Hancock.  In this documentary Mr. Hancock candidly spoke of an experience that he had with Ayahuasca. I recall how matter of fact he was when speaking of his ‘very real’ and intense trip beyond this world.  I was compelled to listen intensively as He had become animated upon giving his testimony. He shared a moment when He had seen a very tall and extremely muscular Being with a crocodile head. Mr. Hancock also stated that he had originally caught a glance of this Being via His peripheral and thought it was a statue. However, when the supposed statue moved and looked at him, he had become so overwhelmed and shocked – He was jolted back this present state of existence! This testimony resonated with me because I had done a Youtube video two years prior -- sharing astral travel experience with a huge humanoid creature with a crocodile head, ten years before that particular time period! Coincidence? I think not.  

To date, I have never tried any of the substances mentioned here or any mind altering substances (for that matter). Then again, I have indirectly experienced DMT because according to specialists in this respective field, DMT is within our brains and is secreted in small doses as we sleep but this compound is alleged to be released in heavy doses upon physical death, Nevertheless, I would like us all to engage now. Let us delve deeper and explore a bit of all three modes; the pros and cons, testimonies, scientific data and the likes. As you read, listen, view and analyze - be mindful to only take whatever resonates and leave the rest behind. 

 ABB a.k.a. Astralboobaby


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