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Every person in their most vigorous and fertile years, should be given the greatest opportunity possible to generate and give life to vision, ideas, remedy and ideals that will correct the errors of our for-bearers, as well as build upon the pre-existing tapestries of good-will and well doing… This is what I truly feel in my heart, should be a legacy fulfilled in some form or another… A mighty bridge of fortitude, honor and loyalty birthed from the heart of purity through the eyes of innocence!

I am very proud of the works that I have done in my years of being a youth educator, when I too was a youth! During my years as a youth ensemble, out-reach worker… Our goal was to educate and empower ‘at risk’ inner city youths… It was there, that I learned first hand the importance of cultivating, sharing, inspiring and empowering the youth from an authentic place. It was also during that time, I learned of the importance of allowing the youth a platform to freely express themselves without guilt, shame or condemnation of their respective world-view, experience and uniqueness. Yes, I learned that these are avenues that change lives and aid as catalysts for self-determination and revolution!  To this very day, I am very much still inspired and motivated by our youth! I feel great joy and purpose each and every time anyone writes me to say that my work has inspired them but it’s especially wonderful when the notification is from our youth! For as long as I know that one who’s on pure and fertile ground is motivated to ‘grow’ and push beyond the borders of their imposed limitations passed on from generations before - I know that a peaceful, fruitful and brighter future for ALL is one more generation away to becoming a reality!

In this cycle; I would like to give show honor and respect to our past and future leaders, movers and shakers! Those who have made monumental changes in the past and those who taken on the torch and are continuing to build upon a mighty legacy! I am also, very honored to have some of the brightest minded and talented youths on the planet, sharing and growing with US, right here on! Teachers, pioneers, visionaries, revolutionaries and spiritual missionaries of all walks of life are within our mist and as I have said before, I sincerely appreciate, respect, honor and salute you!


Indigo Youth is a not for profit organization set up to deliver projects for disadvantaged young people in Lambeth and neighboring London boroughs.

Our projects focus on four key areas Media Production, Heritage, Enterprise and Sports.

We seek to inspire young people from deprived inner city communities to realise their talents and potential. We specialize in engaging with hard to reach young people who are gang active or involved in the criminal justice system.

Our experience teaches us that some of our countries most talented young people are living undiscovered, in the most unlikely of places and circumstances. The challenges they encounter, equip them with the creativity and tenacity required to achieve highly and be great leaders.

Via outreach we successfully identify such young people and give them the support and resources they need to fulfill their potential. To do this we need the support of our community so please contact us if you feel that you can contribute to this valuable and rewarding work in any way.  


  • Registered Office: unit 3 Fairfax house Overton road sw9 7jr 

  • Registered company number 8430151

Indigo youth ltd are in partnership with 7E entertainment, Morley college, Black Cultural Archives, Youth Music

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At under 25 years old, these young movers and shakers have already followed their passions and made a real impact on the world. But they haven't done it alone -- they've inspired others to be leaders in solving some of the most pressing global issues of our day. Through the power of service, these youth have truly become international leaders.

YSA president and CEO Steven A. Culbertson commented, “With the YSA List, we recognize and reward 25 incredible young people, and we hold them up as examples of what young people are capable of. The YSA List is a testament not only to these 25 honorees, but to the millions kids who, every day, are making a difference in their communities through service."

In addition to having their stories featured on the Huffington Post, the 25 honorees will also receive a $1,000 award to support their causes and opportunities to collaborate with like-minded members of YSA’s Global Youth Service Network.

Starting today, we will be featuring one honoree's story on HuffPost Teen each day. So without further ado, we are proud to present our first young leader, Tamer Shaaban, a young filmmaker and social activist with a simple but incredibly powerful message

"We are Egyptian. We are human. Let us be human. Let us be free."

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